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This is what some of our pupils have had to say about Sapphire Driving School Leicester.

“I would highly recommend learning to drive at this driving school! I passed first time with only 1 minor fault thanks to Mubs! He is a great teacher and a real nice guy! They are very flexible which allowed me to learn around my studies, and i found their method of teaching worked really well for me. Im happy not only because i passed first time, but because i chose to learn to drive here! Nice one Mubs!”

“I would highly recommend my driving instructor Mubs to anyone. Thanks to Mubs I passed first time! He was a great instructor, always punctual and a really nice guy. He was also very flexible and had time for me to take lessons around my studies each week.”

“I’ve been learning once a week with Sapphire since January whilst at University and have just passed my test first time around with no private practice or local knowledge of any of the roads only Sapphire lessons. Mubs was extremely friendly and professional and from day one has given me a high level of confidence in my driving practice and has thoroughly shown me all manoeuvres and relevant test routes, together we have driven through snow storms and unbearably hot weather and I almost feel sad I no longer will have anymore lessons up in Leicester with him as I'm moving home, however I 100% would recommend Sapphire driving school to anyone wishing to learn to drive in Leicester as I could not speak any higher!”

“Munira helped me pass my automatic driving test. She is a brilliant instructor who is very friendly and approachable. I have found some instructors to be very intimidating but Munira is very kind yet professional also. I would like to thank her very much for helping me.”

“When I came to University, I realised I wanted to pass my driving test. When I started driving with Munira, she put me at ease and gave me the confidence to believe in my own driving skills. She was a fantastic teacher who was extremely patient whilst I was on the learning curve. Also with Sapphire Driving School, I never had to worry about lessons, as they were fit in when it was convenient for me, at a very reasonable rate. Massive thanks to Munira, for helping me pass, and for some lovely chats and lots of fun along the way.”

“Great driving experience with Rafiq. He was always friendly, and gave me the confidence when learning how to drive. He was always ready to answer any of my questions, and I will recommend him to everyone!”

"I was fortunate to have Rafiq from Sapphire as my driving instructor. I PASS him with many P's:
Pleasant person, Patience, Perseverance, Punctuality, Professionalism, Personalised service, Positive outlook, Passion to succeed, Proven pass rate. I recommend him highly.”

“Driving was always something I looked forward to from an early age, I found the experience of learning the course both interesting and successful, this was due to Sapphire Driving School, whom I enjoyed being a part of, and just like I was recommended, I too would definitely recommend to others.”

“Sapphire Driving School provide a excellent service at an affordable price. My instructor was competent and professional, as well as being friendly and patient. I went into my test feeling confident and well prepared, and passed first time, and even did the pass plus lessons they offer.

I would highly recommend Sapphire Driving School to everyone, they're fantastic!”

“Fantastic experience. Friendly and calm instructor, found him to be very reliable and understanding. Thanks for the first time pass.”

"My driving instructor Mubarak is brilliant; he is calm, patient and reassuring. I enjoyed every lesson. All instructions and explanations were clear and informative. Positive and constructive feedback was provided after each lesson which was a great way to learn and improve my driving skills. I’ll miss our lessons and Mubarak too. I managed to pass…showing Mubarak’s brilliance!!! I highly recommend Mubarak as an instructor. Thank you!"

“I heard about Sapphire Driving School from my brother who highly recommended them and of Mubarak the driving instructor, (my brother passed his test with them too). After I took my 1st lesson I was certain I would pass as the driving lessons were of high standards and my instructor was very good at what he taught. I felt very comfortable and at ease when I had my lessons.

I would without a doubt recommend Sapphire Driving School to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. In fact my sister will soon take lessons with them. You can be a fully licensed driver in a short space of time and that is due to the high level of dedication that is put in by the instructor to help you to pass.

Thank you ever so much Mubarak.”

“I chose to go with Sapphire after already taking 10 lessons with another instructor . Sapphire identified my weaknesses, taught me with perfection and I passed first time!”

"Wicked instructor, recommend Mubarak any day. Passed me after my 3rd lesson. Beat that!"

“Sapphire Driving School is reliable and friendly with a proven high pass rate. My cousin and I both PASSED with Munira from Sapphire. I had a wonderful and enjoyable experience, and I have been highly recommending Sapphire to everyone since!” “Munira is efficient and very helpful providing plenty of support."

"Taking my driving test seemed very daunting and I was naturally very nervous about it! Sapphire Driving School instilled confidence in me and their learning techniques are suited to all people.

Overall they made the whole learning experience very pleasant!”

“I was very lucky to learn to drive with Sapphire Driving School. Munira, my instructor is friendly, calm and professional. Thank you for teaching me to drive, and thank you for a first time pass!!!”

“Mubarak, one of the most patient and supportive driving instructors! Even though my concentration span is low and I talk way too much, he managed to keep me focused as well as creating calm and relaxed lessons. "

I was really pleased with his service and I passed first time. What more could I ask for?”

“The best driving school I know of. Very straight forward and calm. Would recommend Sapphire to any learner.”

“I would recommend Munira, from Sapphire to anyone. Especially, if like me, you're a nervous driver. She gave me confidence and the ability to pass my driving test.”

“I was very lucky to have been given the number for my driving instructor. Mubarak exudes positivity which encourages and inspires. I highly recommend him as an instructor. I’m very grateful for the freedom I have now by learning from Mubarak. Thank you.”


“If you want a punctual reliable and friendly driving instructor then Sapphire Driving School is the motoring school for you. With their reputation so high, they do not only provide teaching of the highest quality but aim to increase your confidence and get you on the road as soon as possible.”


“Great driving school with really good instructors. They have all the skills needed to help you. Very friendly and felt at ease all the time. Passed really quickly - first time - I couldn’t believe it.  


Would highly recommend them without a doubt.”


“A pleasant and friendly service for the best driving experience for anyone learning how to drive.”


"Working with Mubarak was a very pleasant experience. He is a really patient and friendly person which I believe are very important attributes for a driving instructor. He is very accommodating as well which really helped me create a flexible plan for myself.


The first class was used by Mubarak to assess my skills based on which a structured plan was created targeting my weak areas. I completed my training well before schedule and passed my test in the first go!! I highly recommend Mubarak!"


"I would strongly recommend Sapphire Driving School to anyone thinking about learning how to drive. As well as teaching how to drive in an effective and friendly manner, the instructors built confidence in me which helped me in passing my driving test at my first attempt"


“My experience, from the driving lessons I took with Sapphire Driving Schools were that they were very useful and beneficial to my learning of driving.. I would recommend Sapphire Driving Schools to any new learners.”


Great instructor. From 1st lesson felt very confident. Mubarak told me what to do and put me in the driving seat. From that lesson onwards I knew I was going to pass with this instructor. Mubarak is a very easy going and fun instructor. The only bad thing I can say about him is, he's a Liverpool fan.
Overall I will recommend Sapphire Driving School to anyone who wants to learn how to drive." "Rafiq has a great personality and has become a friend for life. Well structured lessons equip you with the precise skills needed not only for the test, but also your driving future. One thing I liked was the advice given before the lesson, backed up with a critical analysis at the end. I do and always will recommend Sapphire to anyone who drive themselves to a full licence." "Sapphire Driving School is the best place to go, who needs national driving schools when you can learn the skill of driving in a short amount of time plus get your moneys worth, I had no doubts am sure you wont."


"Learning to drive with Sapphire Driving School was a wonderful experience. The instructors are very patient and understanding and always try and accommodate your needs. I would recommend Sapphire Driving School to any new learner with the confidence that they will teach you to drive for life in the correct manner."


"Rafiq from Sapphire Driving School combined with a little bit of confidence and background reading from Driving Skills Manual is the perfect solution to pass first time. The driving instructor has the perfect balance between being patient and firm when required, hence producing some excellent new drivers."


“Great instructor, focuses on the test. No time wasting. Motivating. Knows the test routes.”


"I started taking lessons with sapphire driving school, Munira was welcoming and very friendly. I strongly recommend this driving school as it will teach you how to drive, and it’s worth its money."


Whatever your position at Sapphire Driving School you can be assured of getting a driving instructor who can instil road confidence and ultimately put you in a position to take and PASS the driving test.Sapphire Driving School instructors are ready and willing to assist you on your journey to becoming a safe licensed driver. Call today for more information or to book your driving lesson.

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