Sapphire Driving School also caters for the needs and wishes for pupils who would prefer to train in Automatic driving lessons in Leicester.  Our automatic driving school has been providing automatic lessons in Leicester for many years and our instructors are highly experienced in both manual and automatic driving lessons in Leicester.

Our automatic driving school Leicester uses the brilliant and very easy to drive Toyota Yaris.  With its small size and fantastic automatic gearbox makes driving and manouvering pleasant and easy.  We aim to provide the best automatic lessons at the most competitive prices.  Please view our price below.

Advantages of Automatic Driving Lessons are : -

  • Automatic cars have no clutch or gear changing to worry about (therefore will NOT stall)
  • Automatic cars are very easy to drive in comparison to manual
  • More focus on other aspects of driving e.g. Observations of the road (due to not needing to worry about clutch and gear changes)
  • Automatic driving lessons require fewer driving lessons to get up to test standard


Call or text 07890 568 585 to book your Automatic Lesssons in Leicester

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Automatic Car Gear Selector

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